The Smart Cutter

The Smart Cutter™ is a unique and portable system for small diameter drains which reduces time and costs for the contractor, while making the renovation process easier for the resident. ​ This has been our sole cutting system in the vertical and lateral renovation of over 100 large scale apartment buildings, as well as numerous patch repairs.

What are the benefits?

  • Opens T and Y branches quickly and is flexible enough to navigate multiple bends and diameter changes accurately without damage to the original cast iron or clay pipe.
  • A simple design with no mechanical parts, so no need for lengthy training or complicated maintenance.
  • Removes lead, nails, roots and other inconsistencies in the pipe.
  • Can easily smooth out wrinkles in the lined pipe.
  • Use as a stand-alone tool or to supplement existing robots for an otherwise impossible finish.
  • A fully customisable system; simply select the appropriate hub and side grinding panels for each specific job.
  • Combine with the Twister to open and then grind connections inside PVC pipe.
  • Attach to a dual purpose drain cleaning Miller Machine for a powerful result, or even a regular hand drill for shorter distances.
  • Opens up fresh business opportunities for contractors.

Additional Material

Assembling the Smart Cutter


Selecting the correct size and type of hub


Choosing the best front panel for the job


Attaching steeing wire and counter weight


Attaching the shaft socket to a hand drill​​


Spotting weak points & using the shaft rounder